5 months in , no results yet , what am I doing wrong ?


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I had my breast implants removed in march and started noodling a month later ... no results yet, my breast explant left me with no breast, I am not even an A :(
I started Natureday liquid and pills a few days ago and I massage with flaxseed oil maybe that will help but so far, no results from noodling, the swelling lasts for about 2 minutes , I noogle about 1 hour a day
Any advice would be welcome :)

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Keep at it. Don’t stop. No guarantee that anything will happen, but for many something does. You may see something after 4,5,6 months, it could be longer, but keep steady on it and don’t stop. It took ten years to get where I’m at. It was a long time until I notice an increase. But I’m also male. Not much was happening but I started to enjoy the pumping a lot. Most importantly is stick with it and do it often. Even if you can only get 15 minutes in the morning do another 15 at night or longer, but just do it whenever you can they will begin to swell and the more you keep them Swollen, I feel that is where the promotion of growth happens. If you read way back in my thread, i used to be doing a lot of driving, and would leave cups under pressure on for hours. I also believe that when I started using a heating pad and lay them on top of the cups or my chest, they would sweat inside and get warm and would swell up and stay swollen longer. Go girls!! Grow for her!!!


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Thank you so much for your reply!! Wow 10 years that's amazing :) I love noogling too , it's relaxing and I try to do it anytime I can , I guess I will continue , I was a 34D with implants so back to nothing is not easy even though I feel much healthier without them


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Be sure to drink lots of water before and during noogling, helps with swelling. Also you might have better results massaging with Almond oil, its thinner and absorbs more easily. Buy some PM spray or oil to add to your massage routine.


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Thank you ! I started taking pictures maybe we can follow progress better than measuring .. what's a pm spray??