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I'm happy that you finally received your pump, Impendingrapture. However, I'm a little jealous that I still haven't received mine and it's in my 9th week. If it were not for all the ladies' photos and their supports for new users, I would lose all my patience and excitement :-\. I wish you will achieve your goal soon.
Puggley, HCG stands for Human chorionic gonadotropin or human chorionic gonadotrophin. (hCG) is a glycoprotein hormone produced in pregnancy that is made by the developing embryo after conception and later by the syncytiotrophoblast (part of the placenta).[1][2] but it is not known whether this production is a contributing cause or an effect of tumorigenesis. -FROM WIKIPEDIA! It's used for weight loss and let me tell you it WORKS!! It goes along with a realluy strict diet regimen as well but with taking the HCG you're not hungry. I know it sounds like a crock and I really didn't thin it would work but I am almost halfway to my goal weight aafter only like 6 weeks give or take. The rules for the diet are very strict and you must follow exactly if you want the program to work for you. It makes more sense after you read the book by the Dr that discovered the diet years ago. You can go to hcgmiracle.com and read the book there, it's called pounds and inches- don't worry it's a short read. I'm pretty sure the book is available for the public to read free, but I've been a member on the site (paid for it) so I can use the message boards to keep me motivated and post my progress. I sound like a commercial but this is just so exciting for me! And the results are permanent depending on you and only you. The thing is this, once you reach goal and go off the supplement there is a peroid of 3 weeks where you still cannot have any starches or sugars, then a 3 week period of slowly integrating them back into your diet. The key to keeping the weight off is simple, weigh yourself every single morning for the rest of your life. Really! So easy (in theory at least since I'm not there yet), if you gain more the 2# at any single weigh in, you have what they call a steak day where you don't eat anythig all day long, just drink water, then at dinner you have a only a steak. This ought to get you back to goal weight but if not you follow with a couple of 'lean days'. I'm still a ways off from getting off these drops right now, I'm going to stop when I get to 150. I will go through the 3 weeks of no sugar no starch, 3 weeks of integrating, then begin another round on the HCG diet. My 2nd roung will get me to my goal- you will stop losing weight once your body has released all of it's 'abnormal fat' stores so you won't get anorexic skinny doing this. If you're looking into it I'd suggest you just read the Pounds and Inches book. The guy's name is Simeon, don't remember his first name but he's the author. It's tough to follow but I keep telling myself "anything is do-able for a short period of time". It's the same mantra that's getting me through school LOL!! But back to noogling... I NEED advice!! I did it for the first time yesterday, once for 40ish minutes and then for another 40ish and I feel like my friggin sternum is briused- like the actual bone structure!! OMG ouch!! There is NO WAY I can do it again today, or maybe for a couple of days. What's the deal? My tits don't hurt, the skin isn't sore at all. I just feel like somebody punched me right in the cleavage. This thing won't work if I'm only able to do it a couple times a week will it?? Doubt it.
Newtothis, don't you dare lose your excitement!! I got to a point where I was pretty pissed about waiting so long for thembut when I saw the delivery box with a royal mail sticker I was so happy! I'm having trouble with the system but at least I'm not wiating any more, yours will come soon, I'm just sure of it!


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I had some rib pain (that's what I'm guessing you mean) when I first started with the XL's when I would feel "bruised" I would just pump with my L's for a few days then go back to the XL's again, after a while I got adjusted and could pump with the XL's everyday no problem. Now you being already big chested, I know you can't use the L's as they would be too small I'm guessing. Maybe ask Lucy if the new contoured L's since they are bigger than the original L's would work for you. If not then yes, I'm afraid you will have to suffice with using the system as you can until you can get adjusted, the XL's are massive, so they cause pain sometimes. Also have you tried any type of padding on the rims with them? I used the camping tape for a while with the XL's, now I don't have to use any padding, but the campers tape really helped with the pain so I could noogle with no problems. Maybe look through the forum for padding solutions and find which one you like best to try?


Well, I stumbled on the site earlier tonight while researching fat transfer breast augmentation. I cannot believe I have never heard of such a thing!! I kept coming back to the site throughout the evening, lurking and looking at the photos. I have always wanted implants, and have an 'implant fund' I've been socking money into. I had always been a 32B until about 4 yrs ago when I suddenly gained 90#. Now I have very full D cups. Sadly, now I am also fat. I am on a diet plan now, and hope to lose most if not all of the gain, which is way too heavy for my 5'2" frame. I'm worried to end up losing my boobs and would miss them dearly!! Maybe with this thing I will be able to maintain what I have now or *maybe* get a little bigger. I do know that along with my weight loss my tits will shrink quite a lot which makes me sooo sad! They are actually something I have enjoyed about getting big! What can I say, I LOVE boobs!!
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