Desiring to be boobylicious :-)
:- :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: your results are so ........ INCREDIBLE !!!! I wasn't able to read everything in your post due to soo much pages but i was able to sread a few things.

First of I can tell you first hand you won't be able to please everyone and you shouldn't try. There will always be someone who is not for you that is why you should concentrate on yourself. Yes it is easier said than done... but you can't cook food without fire. Time will give you experience to handle things better.

Second don't take this the wrong way but Blusherr you are ...........BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLLLL just the way you are and your eyes are to die for !!!!

I hope all is well with you emotionally and physically.. Hope to hear from you soon so we can see the huge bazookas you have now ;D ;)

SultryDiva :-*


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Alice, this may be old news, but when you said your breasts were itching, that's a sure sign of growth. They should have been hurting a little as well. I'm not sure how you are doing, but everything that has happened is natural -- just a bit accelerated -- because you got so aggressive with the growth process. But I'm sure you know that now. The growth was so encouraging and kinda of quick and exciting it was hard to resist "upping" your routine! I hope all is well with you. Your boyfriend is a silly little boy who is extremely insecure. I'm not saying leave him, but don't let him continue to transfer that negative energy onto you. You're beautiful. :)


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Your progress is incredibe. I just ordered the NB a few days ago and can't wait to get it. I am a bit nervous about the nipple enlarging as mine are large already. Forgive me for asking a silly question... What kind of bandaids/coverings did you use and how painful is it to remove them? Also, did you still experience any enlarging of your nipples even with using the bandaids/coverings. Again, please excuse my silly questions. I just want the whole proces to be as pain-LESS as possible.


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I am new to the forum but have used Noogleberry on an adhoc basis since Jan. My chest size has not improved - although rounder underneath - there is no growth on top - so small and rounder they are staying - it is no
where near a B/C - my goal. I would say I am 34 A.

I just NB no change in diet. I use the medium cones but in the last month have used it 1-3 hrs daily.

What are the herb supplements people use? I don't like products tested on animals - it makes me ill.

I am impressed with your progress blusherr, your figure is lovely - if your boyfriend cheated on you; he is a fool.

I like your tattoos and piercing. I have one tattoo and 5 piercings.


Matt B

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Not stupid at all,Cookies.Glad you asked.PM is short for pueraria mirifica..It's the strongest phytoestrogenic herb in the world and can be great,and can be bad news depends on your bod.

Matt, ;)


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wow, what im currently using/trying is Triactol, or Miroverve in the United States but same thing, but its a breast "beauty" serum with this PM extract.. its the most expensive NBE products but they have clinical trials etc. However its not working for me aas I wanted a size increase becuase my breasts are already firm perky etc.. the site makes no claims for this product to enlarge, but to make more youthful breasts.
waste of my moneyl..


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Yeah DONT, I mean it did seem probable that It could help women with small sagging breasts to gain firmness which makes them look younger/whatever, but it didn't do shit for me . Plus you cant take birth control on it... so I quit taking Triactol started my birth control again and what do you know I'm gaining breast for THAT and not for some expensive breast enhancing product.
ugh. I think noogleberry is gonna be my thing, im so stressed/busy I hope I find the time to get the results I want without being too stressed out. but it sounds like you can just chill out while you have it on, or even move around and get things done?


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Well, I don't know about moving around too much. Mine keep farting off as soon as move too much so I'm kinda stuck doing nothing while I noogle. Hopefully when I get the large domes it won't happen too much

Blusher... I hope you post soon! I'm really curious as to what your breasts look like now!


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Pinky05 said:
Well, I don't know about moving around too much. Mine keep farting off as soon as move too much so I'm kinda stuck doing nothing while I noogle. Hopefully when I get the large domes it won't happen too much

Blusher... I hope you post soon! I'm really curious as to what your breasts look like now!

not alone, I to have to limit my activity. I pretty much sit and watch tv. if I have things in arms length that dont require arms to move much such as internet I can do that to, or text. lol


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hey blusher, loved your progress.. i am also very eager to make my breasts fuller and firm... i feel i hv tubular breasts :(.. please tell me if your results are purely from using nb or do you use any other NBE techniques?


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just reading back over the posts in your thread.

For the record, I didn't find breastfeeding uncomfortable or painful or anything.

The only painful bit is when your milk first comes and your breasts get engorged!!

don't want you to be put off breastfeeding when you do become a mum cause of this experience!! its actually a lovely experience and as I'm sure you know, best this for baby :) Hope everything has settled down for ya :)


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This is an old thread, March 2012, and blusherr, a university student, had some rather spectacular success. She noogled somewhat irregularly and about once every 2 weeks would spend up to 9 hours noogling (with many breaks) in one day. She also took PM (don't know how much). Anyhow she decided to stop the PM and started to lactate! (someone later said you should ween off PM gradually). After a week of engorged breasts, they shrunk a lot. She was freaking out over the whole process, and hasn't posted since. Now I see that all her posts except the first one have been removed!


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LOL posted in wrong topic!!

OKAY! some of you may remember me, some may not, as I have been following the posts on here for about a month and there a lot of new faces. Not as many of the old users are still on here, which is a little disappointing
Anyway I stopped using Noogleberry around a year go when my boyfriend cheated on me and I was v v depressed. But recently I have got new hope and have been noogling again for about a month

My pics wont be in this post as there are sooo many im just sorting out the order of them ahha but I promise I will post them tonight, and since I am Australian you should all get them when you check next
My stats are as follows:

Age: 20 (in May )
Weight - bare with me as I said I am from AUS so I don't use pounds or lbs (dont even know what that means) haha
45-50kg (fluctuates)
Height: arounddddddddddd 5'3"
Waist: dont have a tape measure on me, but v small!
cup size: small B, large A cup
Goal: 10DD which i think is a 32 or 34DD for you guys ahh not sure

I take 2x PM a day 300mg each, let me know if you think this is too much/too little!! I always ordered PM cream which i am waiting to arrive in the mail
I noogle with the Medium domes for 30-60 mins, then switch to the L domes for 1-3 hours. I have tried snoogling but it is quite uncomfortable for me and unfortunately gives me a sore backkk ((((((((((((((!!!!!!!!!!!
My diet consists of mainly all carbs and veges. I dont eat a whole heap of protein just because i generally dont liek the taste of a lot of meat other than lamb. I do drink Sustagen, (which is Aus I think) its basically a nutrient shake plus fibre and protein for people that cant gain weight. I use it to gain weight at first, not i just drink to maintain my weight and stay healthy considering I dont eat a lot of meat

pictures will be uploaded hopefully in the next hour or so!! Let me know what you think of all this so far

Alice xoxo

HERE WE GO!! Here are starting pictures, and noogling after probably 1-2 hours
I have also put some body pictures as I am considering taking maca to get more curves, trying to get a bigger beeehindddd! And hips

This is after one week noogling.. let me know if you can see resultts please!!
What brand of PM do you use?