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Hi Blusherr,

Sounds like what you are going through is related to your PM usage. In order to induce lactation, a regime is set up for a couple of weeks, where a woman will take birth control along with motilium or some other medication that increases prolactin, including breast stimulation (pumping). After about a fortnight, the birth control is stopped and the pumping along with prolactin starts up the lactation.

This all mimics the normal cycle of hormones that occurs at the end of pregnancy, when the elevated estrogen and progesterone drop off at birth.

I would think the sudden stopping of PM, combined with the pumping effect of NB caused you to start lactating. The pain is mainly due to the engorgement (they are full of milk). They're not as painful once the pressure is out (feeding). Starting back on hormones (BC) along with minimizing stimulation for a while will help to dry up the supply.

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blusherr, yes, when nursing the breasts engorge between feedings and it can be quite painful if the milk is not released. That is why when women engorge they often get their babies and start nursing or use a breastfeeding pump (much different than NB as a breastfeeding one only pumps the nipple kinda how a baby sucks the nipple). Now in your case I wouldn't pump or anything as that encourages the breasts to produce more milk. Also don't let the boyfriend suck on them as milk will come out and again that will encourage them to keep producing milk. As far as ways to dry up I have no idea, I breastfed for 3 months and mine dried up on their own, I didn't want them to, they just did. If the leakage in the bra starts to become too much and too bothersome, they make breast pads for nursing that you can insert in your bra. It's like a panty liner for your bra haha. I used them when I was nursing because for some reason I leaked like crazy. I hope you get it figured out though.

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I'm upset for you. I hope you get it sorted out soon. Regarding the sage tea, you can drink this up to 3 times a day. You can also drink it cold, although it doesn't taste nice either way, unfortunately :(


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iv never taken any pm or herbs for NBE, but maybe going to the docs would be helpful, they may give you blood tests to check your hormone levels so you then know what is what? I wish there were specialists in NBE who could guide is in what to take rather then just figuring it out ourselves. hope it gets sorted soon

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Nice thought Rupert,but you will never see it.They can't make any money doing it,as we can get our own herbs for it.
In reality,we are the specialists in this.The knowledge on this forum and others abounds,and is only getting more abundant.
The beautiful breast growth we have achieved and safely as well(most of the time),is awesome,not to mention the self esteem and confidence improvements in some of the most beautiful I have ever met speaks for itself.
All the doctors want to do is medicate and operate.I know,cuz they damn near killed me 2 years ago.
Educating ourselves in NBE is the best thing we can do.

Now,It's time!! All of you younger girls that want bigger breasts be careful with supplements,especially with PM.

Matt ;)


Wow..I'm so sorry Alice for this set back! I mean, it's not the end of the world, but you won't be able to noogle for a little bit. I just hope everything returns to normal soon! You have beautiful breasts!
This is why I do not mess with hormones. At all. I'm way too worried about side effects and other consequences (that goes for birth control too).
I hope everything returns to normal soon hon! <3


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Sorry to hear what happened. Hope you can get back on track soon! Hope to hear back from you soon!


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Hey blusherr,

I'm so sorry about what happened, you are beautiful and your boobs look awesome. I hope you can get everything safely and comfortably resolved and get back to nooglin' as soon as your body is ready.

Matt B

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HI Alice,glad all is well.And,what is AF? Ive seen it a lot lately and am curious.

Thanks, matt


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Usually swelling comes before your period, not during from my understanding, and it goes down during. So the increase in size is usually before. I personally shrink 1 inch during my period but it comes back after.


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blusherr said:
I read that hormone replacements can mess with your prolactin levels which causes lactation. I am guessing that something has gone wrong in my hormones since stopping PM :/

No, honey! Your body is just trying to get its hormones back on track! :D

Remember that PM is a strong phytoestrogen! Abruptly stopping it leaves your body wondering what the hell happened. So it's working on getting things back in order. I guess this re-balancing of hormones called for a rise in your prolactin levels.


When I noogle, call me Tank Girl!
Also, I tend to swell before my period and shrink when it comes. It makes sense considering how low your estrogen levels are when you menstruate.


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Awesome graph, Tank Girl- Thanks!

Alice- This sucks! I'm so sorry. If it make you feel any better,my boobs are definitely smallest after I start my period. If it makes you feel even better than that, I ended up taking a few days of noogling (soooo busy) and my boobs pretty much shrank down to almost starting size. Maybe a little bigger, but after experiencing such encouraging swelling, it seems like a total deflation :( I guess it's good to remember that this is a long-term project- like growing breasts in the first place.

XOXO :-*


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You are so right! This is a long-term project. Its really no different than a diet and exercise program. When we exercise, eat right and lose weight, do we say, OK, I'm where I want to be so I'm stopping? NO! Its a daily commitment to eat right and workout! So we need to think of Noogling as exercise for our boobs, we keep doing it because it makes us feel good and its good for our bodies! Its a journey, not a destination.

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Hey blusherr!

Sorry we havent spoken in a while, ive been uber busy. Ive barely had anytime to noogle myself. Seems i have ALOT to catch up on. Im sorry about your setback, that really really sucks, but your body is already gorgeous and youll be back on track in no time! I'm sure youve grown since your starting size but youre so dicouraged that you just dont see it! Anyway ill be back for my summer break, i cant wait to keep up with your progress!

best of luck! ;)


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Hi, I'm new to noogleberry, but I would read other breast enhancement forums and I believe your breasts are smaller because you stopped taking PM.

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Mornin Alice,I agree with tank girl.For awhile there you gave those beauties a real workout hon and they just kinda rebelled.I'm sure they are still beautiful and will respond to noogling as soon as the bod adjusts.I'm also sure that you have underestimated the permanent growth you have achieved.I don't think there is a way that you could have lost growth. Maybe swelling but not growth.

Anyway,I'm sure you'll be fine as this forum is full of No Wimp Women and you are one of the toughest!

Luv ya,Matt ;)
blusherr said:
Sorry i havent been on, bikiniluvr mine did the same.. And now i feel like i am not really going anywhere. I am not going to post progress pictures this month because i think they will actually be smaller, almost my starting size again. Eughhhh! Getting a little discouraged with this, not sure which way to go now.

i know the answer to that. when i was emailing lucy asking how NB works she said it works the same as muscles - and then i asked so the growth is not permanent (just as muscles) and she said yes, but that it is worth to NB every now and then for a bit for the results once you achieve your point. it is kind of why i stopped NBing. sad..:(

I guess girls who grew took supplements that made their results more permanent