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So, I have reached my goal and will only pump a couple times a week (usually when I go out) just to maintain my size now 34D/DD. I am not going to be on the forum often, but if anyone wants to leave me a private message I will do my best to get back to you.

This has been an incredible journey that I never thought would happen. I saw Kultzu's pics and thought WOW! I had my mind set on getting implants for so long but yestereday after pumping, I felt like I had implants! It's funny how a small thing like NB can make a world of diffference in your life. The main difference is self-esteem and knowing I don't have inflatable balloons on my chest, they are all mine.

I am so happy with the size of my breasts right now, and I wish everyone the best! A BIG thanks to all the forum members who helped encourage me and answer all my questions when I was a newbie. This forum is really a great place! I would also like to thank Lucy for always being there for me and helping with whatever dilemas I had.

To recap, I have gone from an AAAA to an AA by taking BO (Bovine Ovary). I went from an AA to a D from August 2009 to June 2010 (took a couple of months off in between) by using NB. During this time I took BO, then stopped BO and took PM (Pueraria Mirifica) for a little while. If I can gain, so can anyone all you have to do is use NB.

Take care, lots of love, Mariah


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I haven't been on here in a while. Lots going on....

I just moved to another city and I'm loving it here!!! Starting another business, and I'm actually making money!!!! My kids are going into modelling (they are so cute) and I get to spend so much time with them. Life is really good right now. Not to mention my makeover results!

Boobs big-check
Stretch marks fading-check
Hair longer-check

I've been so busy I haven't had a chance to come on here, I knew I wouldn't be able so that I locked it. I did answer everyone who sent me a PM. Sorry it took so long to get back to you, but I did. :)

A few months ago, I went bra shopping I bought one 34C and one 34D. The 34C gave me great cleavage when I didn't pump and too small when I did pump. The 34D just fit when I didn't pump and was very full when I did. I was SOOOO happy! ;D

I got my tummy looking flatter so my boobs look so huge on me! I LOVE IT!!! I have finally regained my self-confidence. I wasn't afraid to wear my bikini this summer at the beach, although I still have more "work" to do on my body I just felt good about myself. I am so grateful to Lucy for NB, I really can't say it enough. It has done more than just increase my bra size, it has made me a new person. Honestly, I never thought I would EVER be wearing a 34D bra last year. It has been a just over a year since I started (I wanted to make an update when it was one year, oh well!). And I still cant believe my eyes. For all the newbies, keep pumping, IT REALLY WORKS!

I am going to try to post pics in my new bra 34D later.

Take care, Mariah


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I use the XLs and I don't even fill those up! Thanks for the compliment!


You have to be signed in to see the pictures, but they are all throughout the pages. Start at the beginning and just browse through them and you will see all my pics. The latest pics on are page 15.


Thanks Sue! I am also delighted! ;)


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wow i am amazed and in utter shock...why have i waited so long to actually join and read up on this...mariah you have inspiried me for real to get this and to stick to it

thank you so much for posting pics so people can really see this works

i am happy that you acheived your goal~i cant wait to get my system to begin this NB journey :)


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Glad I can be of inspiration :)

That's why I posted pics, so people can see for themselves it works.

Good luck with your journey



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Thank you for posting your pics and sharing with us all. It really is motivating and inspiring. It can't be denied when you can see how much you've grown. Thank you


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Thanks Mariah for posting the pictures, you look awesome!! you give me hope on getting my 34C's for summer!!
they are on page 3 or 4, just keep on going.

ANYWAY MARIAD SERIOUSLY YOUR RESULT IS AMAZING!!! I feel weird, going from one topic to another and saying all the time that wow your result is amazing... but every post, I mean it. you all have done such an amazing job and you ALL inspire me!!! I want to have the boobs and which such quick result as well!!! I will keep noogling and hopefully i will get big and nice boobs as well and will post them here too and inspire other women with smaller breasts;) Thank you everyone for posting your pictures!!!


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Hi guys! Do you know what brand of PM Mariah was using? She posted a link but it I guess it was long ago and it was deleted, there's nothing there. ???


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Roas rashes,
Your most welcome ;)

Lol! Your Welcome! I hope you can get into your C too, happy growing.

You need to be signed in to see the pictures. The pictures are posted throughout these pages if you look through them you will find them. :)

I thought the same thing too when I came on here for the first time looking at pictures. It's really amazing what NB can do and the transformations that women get. Thank you and glad I can be of inspiration.

The brand of PM that I was using is no longer on ebay, so I'm not sure where to get it, sorry. :(


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It's been a while since I've been on here but I wanted to come back and show my latest pics.

I've been on a break from pumping because I got dark circles where the cups sits. I would like to start pumping again but unsure if it would make things worse.

Anyways, these are my pictures from not pumping over the last 8 months or so (I can't rememeber when I stopped). I seemed to have maintain pretty well, and I am very happy with my results thus far.

The first pic is in my 34C which is too small!

The second pic is with my 32DD which is small.

The third pic is with my 34D which fits pretty good and is full.
*All of these bras are unpadded

Still I would like to be a 34DD :D

I may start pumping again while taking some new supplements. I think the supplements helped me to maintain the size increase I got from NB.

Hope that helps, Mariah


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Hi Dear!!!!
Good to see that you came to update!!! :)
I just want to say WOW!!!! Your results are AMAZING!!!!
I also want to say that even the last picture 34D is even small on you! :)
Thanks for updating us!
I know what you mean about the dark rings! I also stopped noogling because when I did high intensity workouts I suddenly could see the red marks on my chest! Even if I didn't pump for a day or two!
Good Luck dear!
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